Please contact the Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) Training Branch at 602-244-0504 for questions related to the Arizona All-Hazards Communications Unit Training and Recognition Program.


Communications Unit Leader (COML) Training


The All-Hazards Communications Unit Leader (COML) class provides DHS approved National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant instruction to train emergency responders on how to serve as Communications Unit Leaders during emergency operations. COML training will qualify emergency responders to lead ICS communications units if they possess the necessary prerequisites, including knowledge of the following: local communications; communications systems; and regional, State, and local communications plans. Upon completion of formal classroom training, students must complete and have signed off on a comprehensive position-specific taskbook before they can be certified as an All-Hazards COML.

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COML courses are offered at no charge for qualified applicants. All travel arrangements and expenses are the responsibility of the student. Please contact your agency's Training Officer to determine availability of funds for travel expense reimbursement.

Target Audience

The COML class is targeted for all local, regional, state and federal cross disciplinary emergency response professionals and coordination/support personnel with a communication background. Examples include those individuals with first responder, or first responder supporting backgrounds (i.e. EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Emergency Dispatching, or related fields, such as emergency management).


Candidates must possess the following prerequisites in order to register for the COML class:

Course Materials

A student workbook, COML reference document and information CD will be provided to each student. Students will need to bring pencils/pens and laptop with extension power cord if they want to use their TIC Plan as a tool to generate electronically produced communication plans and ICS forms.

Class Time Requirements

The COML class is a three (3) day class. The class is presented with facilitated lecture and student exercises. There is adequate time built in to the class to facilitate interactive discussions and exercises. Instructors will work through the discussions and exercises to explain processes used to reach communication interoperability and be able to incorporate any additional communication solutions the students may develop during the class.

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